Monday, February 1, 2010

Thing #9

I used to just have a few blogs in my reader and could catch up once a week, now I am checking in multiple times a day! I added all the blogs from our class and the blogs we discussed in class on Thursday. Then I started having fun. I like the "explore" feature in Google Reader. I'll admit that some of the stuff it recommends isn't for me, but I have found a couple enjoyable/informative reads that way.

Topix has way too much going on. I was distracted before I even tried to search.

One "search" I have found useful is checking out what other people are following. I added a blog roll so you can use my blog as a search too.


  1. A blogroll is an important addition for sharing sources of information (and fun!)

  2. I, too, have to weed through the recommendations, but I have discovered some surprising gems. Some are just for fun; others actually relate to library topics. Finding time to search for information is difficult. I am reading more now that information is coming to me.