Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thing #13

How many times do you find yourself looking for something online, knowing that you have seen it before but no clue where to find it? It seems like every time I start a new unit in class I am searching for some online resource that I never can seem to find. Why didn't I come up with social bookmarking?!? This is so cool. I have been using Diigo for a few months so I have more experience with it than Delicious. I was surprised to see Diigo has so few users (compared to some of the others) according to this list.

The idea of "tagging" sites, or even pictures as we checked out on flickr is fabulous. It is quick and easy organization. Now I quickly tag sites whenever I find a good source. With Diigo I organized even more by making lists. Each unit for the year has a list. I save resources which can be used to that list, then tag for more details. My lists can very easily be shared with my team members or students who are researching. Diigo even lets me highlight and annotate information!

You can create an educator account through Diigo to easily share with students.

This is a great research assistant. I have admittedly searched public tags to find resources. The time I have saved piggy backing off of the work of others. Let's all help each other and tag tag tag!

Check out my Diigo profile here.


  1. bookmarking online just like old-fashioned book marks..so helpful in their own ways, aren't they! keyword tags will become more important as you start stacking up your online resources on whatever site turns out to be your favorite. Think about how many more times a book gets checked out of the library because it has more searchable info in the record! Same with online info!

  2. I am a fan of Diigo too. It is a helpful tool that I can see myself using for many different applications, especially research for graduate classes!