Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thing #12

Hmmmm . . . commenting. I have a tough time with this one. Admittedly I am part of that 90% of blog readers who lurk and never comment. I have a hard time feeling like I am adding to the conversation. Now that I have been blogging it is really nice to get comments and know that people are paying attention to what I am doing. We always want feedback on how we are doing and with a blog comments are pretty much the only way to get that feedback.

This presentation "Bling your Blog" was presented at TCEA. You can find it and more on the presenter's library blog. It has some great ideas about how to boost your readership and get more comments from students.

Cool Cat Teacher's "How to Comment like a king (or Queen)" had some good tip. You definitely see a lot of "Darth Commenters" out there. Thankfully you have all been nice so far! I don't understand how people can be so mean!

I have been following I Hate Green Beans for a few years now. It is always an entertaining read. Come to think of it's really the only reason I started watching The Bachelor. Another blog I now enjoy is Free Book Friday. They also have a teen blog.


  1. Ellen, your post is a goldmine. I really enjoyed viewing "Bling your Blog," and it gives me great ideas about future blogs and postings. I had never heard about Free Book Friday! Now I know what I'll be checking out each week. Thanks a bunch for a great post! ;-)

  2. I find that I am more like others as I read these post. I am more of a looker than a poster, but I am going to try to change this. I find it interesting to read what others say and I do enjoy what others say to me when they post on my things. It is fun to comment back to them as well. I found the article with the DC comments posting to be very common. I see that people do post things out there that really can be taken the wrong way. I enjoyed reading your posting.

  3. The blogs you mention sound interesting. I plan to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I totally agree with you in I'm a looker than a talker.

    I didn't know about the blog "I hate green beans". I love the Bachelor and I always find myself going to realitysteve.com for tidbits. It's nice to know I have other sources to go to for my entertainment.