Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thing #14

Technorati is cool! I found things I never knew I was looking for! What a great way to boost readership for your blog. Tagging websites and blog posts allows for a different kind of searching.

I searched for blog posts about knitting and found all the information about how to purchase this pattern for this dissected frog. I would have enjoyed this much more than a real frog back in biology.


  1. Ellen,
    I too enjoyed this site and think you are right about dissecting a frog. Pretty neat to see it this way as I did the frog cutting many, many years ago and I still remember the smell. I searched Marines and found many stories that you just do not hear on regular television. Pretty neat.

  2. Ellen,
    How dang cute is that? I "got sick" in high school and missed the dissection of the frog so I think I would like this frog better too.

    I'm actually trying to complete Thing #14 and got lost and confused so I'm checking out others' blogs to get some inspiration. So, thanks you have given me a little inspiration. Let's see if I can go finish it now.

  3. Hey Ellen! Just saw the link on here for "Free Book Friday" blog and it's so cool! I'm definitely adding it to my reader.

    Love that knitted frog too! :-)

  4. First of all Ellen, you must tell me where you get the blog templete. It's cute! Anyway, I agree with you about the technorati site. It's great. I can see myself using that site again even when class is over.