Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite New Site

Have you heard about Edmodo yet?

It is the coolest thing ever! In short, it is facebook for school.
You create groups (basically your classes) students then join those groups. You can send out assignments, have students turn stuff in, and grade it all through this site. It automatically updates a calendar for students, and you can even set it up to recieve text alerts!

The best part - my students are enjoying it and actively using it!

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  1. what kind of assignments are the students doing thru this ... have you had any resistance from parents or staff the use of this?

  2. Just homework assignments so far. I am going to have an essay turned in next week. Students can attach files, or type information into a form on the webstie. So far everyone is really excited about it.

    A couple other 8th grade teachers are using it as well. Because students join a group for each class information is compiled onto the one calendar. They love having everything for all their classes in the same place.