Monday, July 5, 2010

Technology in the Classroom

Integrating technology in the classroom was once thought to be a luxury but now is not only an everyday occurrence but a necessity. In order to prepare students for the outside “real world” they must be equipped with computer skills, critical thinking processes and the required content. Gone are the endless days of searching, we now have information at our


Integrating technology in the classroom allows teachers and students to work on all three of these areas at one time. Teachers present students with a task and equip them with the appropriate technology to solve the problem. A quick search will give you numerous articles full of lists on how to integrate technology in all disciplines. Students can do anything from researching a historical figure to examining the life cycle of a snail. As students search and pull their information they are learning to evaluate what they find, a very important skill for later in life.

In recent years social networking has been a hot topic. Some are nervous about putting too much personal information out for the public, while others see it as a learning opportunity. Teachers are now incorporating blogs, Wikis, and networking sites such as Edmodo to enhance the learning experience in their classrooms.

Allowing students the opportunity for social networking experiences allows the class time to extend beyond the regular school hours. Students who are less inclined to speak up in class may feel comfortable posing a question on the internet. Edmodo allows students a place to organize class notes, a class calendar and turn in assignments. Teachers can give students feedback quickly and easily by grading work online.

Social networking also has benefits for parents as well as students. A teacher blog can post information that is being studied in the class giving parents insight into what their student is doing all day. Teenagers don’t want to talk about school, but if parents are equipped with information to ask they can get those conversations started. Applications such as the Edmodo calendar help students work with time management and planning ahead.

Higher level thinking involves creating products. Students go through all the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy when asked to research online and create a product for a class Wiki. The problem solving skills used to seek out the needed information and determine what product to create are life-long skills students need to learn. Group projects are made easier because students can meet virtually to create a final product.

Integrating technology in the classroom has many benefits. Students are given a set of important skills needed to be successful in the work place. Parents are connected with the classroom. Most importantly students are empowered to be in charge of their learning.

Never heard of Edmodo? Watch this video to find out more.

Facebook for the classroom? This slideshare presentation created by Kevin Lim takes an interesting look at this famous social networking site.


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  1. Ellen, I absolutely love the design of your page!Its very good on the eyes!

    One note= the Edmundo video isnt showing up yet when your page uploads, perhaps you havent finished embedding it.

    I completely agree with your comments concerning social networking. Its something the kids are part of, and the opportunities to gainfully implore its use in education will be part of our future.

    Good luck with your Blog and be sure to visit mine :-)


  2. Ellen, I really like your page. Where did you find such template? Your blog makes my blog look very plain. If you get a chance, please check out my blog. I would really appreciate your feedback.

    I completely agree with your thoughts on using technology in the classroom. Technology allows students to explore and use skills that they are not able to do so using textbooks and answering questions in the back of the book. Using technology in the classroom allows them to explore beyond the classroom books and gain valueable life skills.

  3. Dale thanks for letting me know about the video. I'll get that fixed!

  4. Ellen,

    I really enjoyed reading about social networking in the classroom. If done safely, it is a great way to get students involved since social networking comes so naturally to them. I also think parents would appreciate having that extra source of communication. I think using social networking in the classroom is also a great way for students to be able to reach the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy because it allows them more freedom in the work they produce. Great blog!

  5. Thanks for the link which you have given for the video..Wonderful job..