Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #20

This is one of my FAVORITE history videos. My students always laugh because I end up singing along. :)

TeacherTube is such a great resource! Thankfully it isn't blocked at school. Videos can give a great introduction to a topic or wrap up what you have been covering. Now that many sites make the embed codes easily accessible  it's much easier to use videos. I like to send my students videos on Edmodo as a review of what we have discussed that day, or I send something out a few days ahead of time to prepare them for class. How great would it be to stay organized and keep an updated class blog full of videos that students can refer back to. Someday I'll be that organized. . . I hope.


  1. This is a great video. I will never forget about the XYZ affair. I love playing silly videos for my students. Even though they complain about how nerdy I am, I hear them referencing information from those same videos. It's like the really horrible commercials that are so insane you cannot help but remember them.

  2. Video sounds great..Thanks for sharing...