Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thing #15

Library 2.0 . . . this ones tough. It means so many different things to so many people. To me it's an interactive library that utilizes many different online tools. Online book clubs, a library blog, the skies the limit. It's hard to put it into a box and define.  To a temporary place in time gives great ideas on what the future holds. And A Vision of Students Today is almost frightening to watch. I see the truth behind it, but to say students will have jobs that aren't even created that's frightening. Away from the "iceburgs" is very thought provoking as well. We need to go to our students and make ourselves available to them.
I'm working towards classroom 2.0 with many new things we have begun this year. I see how it putting information "out there" actually draws students in. It's something that will constantly be evolving but isn't that what we are supposed to do? Change and grow as our students and world change and grow.


  1. Have your students noticed a difference in the classrooom? Do they see the "2.0" additions/changes? Are they more engaged in some of the lessons or enthusiasm up in some areas? Any particular examples of whatt you have addded/changed?

  2. Students have definitely noticed a difference. We use Edmodo for almost everything. The greatest part about it is the conversations it allows the students to have at home. And I would say they are engaged, and enthused about what we are doing in class, I catch them on Edmodo late at night and on the weekends actively working.