Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thing #6

This was fun! I love to take pictures and play with them.
Check out Mr. Gatsby as a jigsaw puzzle.

I'm loving the trading card idea! The classroom/library possibilities are endless. How fun would it be to have your students make a personal card as a "get to know you" at the beginning of the year. So much better than a boring "all about me" survey.
Bookr looked like it was very user friendly. It reminded me of blurb, which I used to make my wedding album.
I'm working on a lesson where students will make a vuvox timeline of the events leading to the Civil War. I'm glad I worked on thing #5 and #6 before assigning the project. Now I can tell them how to use flickr and several of the mashup sites to help.

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  1. would that be a mashup of learning? from one class to another!